New polish for a historic building

Veröffentlicht am 18. Sep 2014
New polish for a historic building

Initial maintenance on Yenidze protected heritage site are finished

The EB group is currently carrying out extensive construction and maintenance work on the former cigarette factory Yenidze. Construction work carried out on the historic fence and grilles of the Yenidze is already finished. Further work both on the interior and outdoor facilities is underway.

The fence was carefully refurbished and re-coated to prevent damage caused by rusting and corrosion processes. Thorough maintenance work was also carried out on the fence posts with some of them having to be re-erected as well. The grilles were cleaned and sanded down and wherever necessary, replaced.

The 2012 flood caused severe damage to the grilles belonging to the former discotheque in the basement and to the entrance stairways of the entrance facing the yard. The entrance stairway will undergo complete refurbishing and in addition, the green areas will be re-designed as well.

EB Group also plans to revitalise some of the office space in the long term. Furthermore, there are plans to introduce new lighting concepts for the dome’s interior as well as new outdoor lighting concepts. The space in the basement, which has been subject to severe flood damage, will be hollowed and refurbished to create an exhibition area providing visitors with information about the history of the Yenidze and to make the newly-created space available for tenants as well.